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Our principal business at Pearland Acres is renting lots to mobile home owners and delivering a safe, clean, neighbor respectful community.  This spring, we will be expanding our community by getting over 30 spacious new lots ready for homeowners.

That last word is very important to us – Homeowners.

Homeowners take better care of their homes.  Homeowners take better care of their community.
Homeowners are more likely to make Pearland Acres their permanent home. 

Pearland Acres has developed TWO programs to help you become a homeowner, renting a lot in our community.

The first program is called our Home Buyer Assistance Program. The second program is called our Rent To Own program. Both programs are designed to help you find and buy an affordable mobile home that meets your needs and budget.

We believe in WIN/WIN relationships. If the fit is there, we want you to become a long term member of our community.  We have no interest in helping you buy a home you can't afford and no interest helping you buy more home than you need.  In fact, it is very much in our interest to help you quickly understand your capabilities, your options and chart a path to making home ownership a reality for you.

So with that introduction, let's get to the critical questions:


  • What do you need to qualify to buy a mobile home?

  • What are your choices in buying a mobile home?

  • What specific steps do you need to take to find and buy a mobile home?